Handmade organic soap bars

How to make Agate Spin Swirl
Soap: a step-by-step guide

This Spin Swirl Soap is inspired by the beautiful layers and textures of agate stones. The design is created with a technique known as the “Spin Swirl.” It’s an advanced technique that involves layering colors of soap in the mold.

Four bars of hand-made soap

How to make almond oatmeal
goat's milk soap by hands

The other day I came across a great soap making tutorial. I’ve purposely avoided attempting to make my own soap in the past, but this was so easy there was no reason NOT to try it!

Hand crafted soap

Rosemary and Peppermint Energizing
Shower Soap for morning bathing

The scent of rosemary is used in aromatherapy to promote focus, memory, and reduce brain fog. Peppermint is purported to help energize and refresh the mind and body. And both of them are effective natural deodorizers.